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Votre histoire est une merveilleuse aventure - le début d'un nouveau et passionnant voyage. Sixdegreesinmotion saura, capter chaque moment spécial, tout au long du chemin. Dès le début de ce matin trépidante à la maison du marié , aux tendres moments où vous sceller votre union avec un baiser , jusqu'au moment romantique de la danse finale , notre équipe expérimenté va capter toute la magie de votre journée inoubliable.

Laissez-nous ecrire votre histoire.

  • Sonia + Alain: The Bride Who Loved Me
    2014 ended with a dignified and sophisticated wedding… We are proud to present Sonia and Alain’s wedding trailer inspired by James Bond’s Skyfall intro. This came to be once we witnessed Sonia and Alain’s electrifying first dance on their wedding day. And who can not but be impressed by the couple’s enduring patience during the […]
    Marco Paternostro
  • Joe’s Prop House: 2011 VIP OPEN HOUSE *Trailer*
    It almost never came to be. After an intense snowstorm on Wednesday, February 2nd, the Open House Gala was rescheduled the next day. Thankfully, all went well, and the Gala turned out to be a fun filled evening. captured by Marco Paternostro for sixdegrees. Check Joe’s Prop House for some great rental options for your […]
    Marco Paternostro
  • Dimitra + Chris: 7 Steps
    Featuring music from “Roads”, a little playful video revolving around Dimitra and Chris’ laissez-faire attitude with a motif involving the preparation for the wedding. Thanks for a fabulous day, we had an amazing time shooting and enjoying the party. Shot by Marco Paternostro & Daniela Vladescu for sixdegrees Titles by: Michael Paternostro Roads Photos By: […]
    Marco Paternostro
  • Niloofar + Jayson: Mad About You
    A deeply loving celebration revolving around two souls who couldn’t keep their eyes off one another. Highlights include Niloofar’s RX-8 drive to Vaudreuil, Jayson’s eloquent vows, and the great speeches during the evening. Shot by Michael Paternostro & Marco Paternostro for sixdegrees. Niloofar + Jayson: Mad About You from sixdegrees on Vimeo.
    Marco Paternostro
  • Heidi + Mike: A Sofitel Wedding – Trailer
    A trailer showcasing scenes from Heidi + Mike’s wedding that took place at the Sofitel Golden Mile Hotel. Video captured by: Marco Paternostro & Alain Doss for sixdegrees. Heidi + Mike: A Sofitel Wedding *Trailer* from sixdegrees on Vimeo.
    Marco Paternostro